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AfterlifeNew Haven, CT, United States

FakeLife presents The Astrological Totem .:. ARIES .:.

Saturday, March 30, 2013, 10:00 PM to Sunday, March 31, 2013, 6:00 AM
Afterlife, 130 Crown Street, New Haven, CT 06457
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.:. .:. .:. ARIES .:. .:. .:.



FakeLife presents .:. THE ASTROLOGICAL TOTEM .:.

The Astrological Totem is a series of themed events to showcase all forms of artistic expression, taking place each month in 2013. This is the time in which we celebrate the gracious complexity of the human race. The complimenting characteristics defined by an ancestral fusion of genetic code along with nurture, make up the beautiful energy being, that is *you*. The ability to experience is a gift from the heavens and will be emphasized and celebrated through the honey of the soul. We are one organism, creating the most powerful force imaginable, the frequency of love.

Our intention is to give you a glimpse into the perspective that is FakeLife. We give you an experience to allow your uniqueness to shine, a festival of astrological proportions. Each month, we will allow your astrological sign to radiate its essence, recognizing the connection between yourself and the forces that work to keep you on route to experience love and light with those closest to you.

Always and forever recognizing all forms of artistic creation, effort, understanding, and practice; each Totem event will be the forum for many different artistic outputs. Prepare to become part of a “You” inspired event. Welcome to the Family, let us grow and evolve the experience together. We are one.

Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
Symbol: The Ram
Stone: Ruby, Diamond
Vibration: Enthusiastic
Secret Desire: To pave the way for others

Picture in the distance a crimson ram, proud from victory. Powerful ammonite shaped horns glowing halo white, showing victory and signing comfort into the mind. The eyes stop time, telling the story of the battle, showing every emotion. Beneath its dense woolen core accented by sheen golden fur, a calming cloud of red dust subdues and settles to the earth below.

This image describes the heart of the Aries. The rhythm is instinctual, strong, and dynamic. Each of us possess our own unique pulse, no two are the same. Like a fingerprint, subtle fluctuations in these pulse waves make up who you are in the present. This is a direct representation of your true self. The true self is what Arians know best. They trust to look with in and feel what’s in their heart. Those that are born under Aries are full of energy emitted directly from the core.

The core, safe within our chest, is the heart’s pulse emitting frequency. The understanding in spiritual, medical and holistic realms is that the heart is conscious. Our intentions are held here. They are expressed through electromagnetic fields that are felt throughout the collective conscious. Pulsing with synchronicity to the surroundings. The heart feels all and when connected to the brain the result is white light, awareness. To grow this awareness we tune in to the frequencies emitted.

Following in the way of the Aries, listening to the heart.




$10 BOTTLE FEE, 21 +


Age Requirement: 18+ (IDs checked at the door)




Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study classical violin at the University of Texas where he fell in love with electronic music production. It was in Madden’s pursuit of his gypsy roots that he opened his ears to music from around the world. From experiences learning violin with mysterious masters on his journeys across the globe and his passion for modern design and technology, the current sound of Govinda was born.

Govinda has played with Thievery Corporation, Tipper, Bassnectar, Shpongle, Cheb I Sabbah, STS9 and many more and been featured on over 25 compilations such as Buddha Bar II, Asian Travels II, and Nirvana Lounge selling a combined 400,000 copies. Govinda has played at numerous festivals throughout North America including Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Sea of Dreams, SXSW and more. Govinda's music has been licensed on shows like WB's “Roswell," MTV's “Road Rules,” and Bravo's “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” as well as many independent films.

The Govinda live show immerses the audience with a textured atmosphere of exotic, dubby vibrations interwoven with cosmic visual projections, world class dancers and mesmerizing vocals- all to the magic of his live electronics and violin.


David Starfire is a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. His production style is eclectic, fusing world music with EDM, hip-hop and everything in between. He's performed at large festivals with some of the biggest electronic artists. His music is in high demand with tracks being licensed on major TV networks and commercials. He’s developed quite a following and his unique sound has created fans across the globe.

His signature sound landed him several DJ gigs at large scale international festivals all over the world such as Winter Music Conference, Coachella, Love Parade, the Forum, Musikmesse, Electric Picnic, Shambhala, Harmony, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle and Earthdance. He’s performed at private parties and events for Lucas films, ILM, Samsung, Sprint, Google, Semens, Nolkia, HP, Virgin Galactic, Roland, Digg, MacWorld, Flaunt Magazine, CAA and many others. He’s performed in cities across the world such as India, Canada, Australia and major cities in Europe with rave reviews. He also sets himself apart from other DJ’s by playing bass guitar and electronic hand drums during his set and for special festival shows incorporates a live 8-15 piece band.

David is constantly touring and his shows comprise of a solo performance or “Live Ensemble” that features live musicians, incredible vocalists and top-notch bellydancers for an exciting theatrical show. He’s also a founding member of the Dub Kirtan All Stars project with FreQ Nasty and performs audio/visual shows with VJ Culture under the name StarCulture.

THRESHOLD, Satellite EDM,, Hipstep Zulu, Wu Dj Coalition, MIA DNB, DNBC, Awake)

Mizeyesis is co-Founder of Threshold Sound, and hosts a top notch
bi-weekly show "The Aural Report" on, an international internet based radio station based out of The Netherlands. She also is a curator & content manager for jungle & DNB at Satellite Records and is also apart of Zulu Nation, Wu Dj Coalition, MIA DNB, DNBC, Missed The Exit Again, NERU, Basscamp Recordings and other prestigious groups and organizations dedicated to spreading the love & awareness of Electronic Dance Music
in the Northeast.

As her whole life she was engulfed in expression from dance, to art, to music, she plays a number of styles & genres of electronic dance music such as Drum & Bass, Jungle, House, Garage, Dubstep and Rare groove & Dub Reggae. She has performed at many festivals such as The Winter Music Conference, Beltek, 51Basscamp, opened for high profile tours & shows such as DubNation; has performed at Konkrete Jungle, Elements, Direct Drive, Natural Selection, and many other jungle/dnb nights and has performed/toured/opened for many high profile artists & performers in the EDM realm. She also works with local communities and regularly performs at charity events and community awareness events if not participating on other levels herself. One thing is for sure, you will be entertained and enlightened as this supreme selector has a curious knack for lifting spirits with a selection of music from the past, present and future.

Full bio available at



Currently based out of Boston, MA, Patrick Boyle aka pattyprogrammer is a Producer/DJ, photographer, event-planner and Jewelry Fabricator ; a connected individual and man of action who wears many hats within an exponentially growing electronic music and festival culture. His DJ name DigitalVagabond is essentially derived from his technological nomadic inclinations, embracing digital technology and cyberspace as symbiotic interfaces full of possibility-- the potential for an unlimited network inseparable from nature.

Previous activities and collaborations to-date include a residency with Music Ecology at Wonderbar (Allston, MA). Co-organizer and co-manager for Lespectacle (Boston), and helped to organize the Brothership Connection Tour featuring lespecial, Spacejesus, and BlueboyProductions. His DJ sets have opened for the likes of Two Fresh, NitGrit, Opiuo, Killowatts, Skytree, BlueBoyProductions, lespecial and more.

Patrick Is a synergetic member of Electrogenic, an art collective of creative, inspired, conscious specialists who use their skills and talents to generate positive influence in the world; the collective specifies in modern media, viral marketing campaigns, HD photo, video, and audio processing. “Electrogenesis” a word used to describe the occurrence of cells connecting electronically in order to heal the body-- powerful intentions and proof that good does exist in the world.

Patrick is also a blog writer for the widely acclaimed online hub, the go-to site where you can find eloquent writings and resources for the leading music and events in the current underground music scenes.

(Awake Productions, Fractaltribe) CT

Kalomo Jordon is a visual/audio artist and producer who performs under the names of "Meszenjah” as well as “Om Olak” and who has shared the tables with names such as “Mubali”, “AJJA”, “Soulslinger”, “Dara”… The founder of Awake Productions, CT, he focuses on connecting like-minded individuals and expanding a cosmic field of talent.’

(FAKELIFE, Delusional Society) CT

woahbotica has mastered the art of creating atmospheres through the fusion of organic and exotic sounds. His use of sensual melodies and tribal percussion work in perfect harmony to target the primal instincts of the crowd. Utilizing the latest advanced woahbotic technology, he crafts his works of art in a visually stimulating and interactive style that keeps the energy high, while journeying deep into the musical elements of cultures around the globe, giving audiences a taste of diversity and mysticism. Each carefully selected track provides a catalyst for the next, and woahbotica's flawless transitions convey the flexuous elements of life in a continuous outburst of beautiful sound.

In late 2012, woahbotica began venturing into the realm of music production. His tracks are difficult to classify, as each of them give the listener a truly a unique experience. Yet at the core of each of his originals remains an unmistakable "woahbotic" style. woahbotica's dedication to music production is evident by the number of tracks he has produced in such a short time. "I'm learning as I go along, and each track is a process and a learning experience... I always want to move forward, and the journey is the best part... As my music evolves and changes and as I continue to learn, I want my friends, fans and followers to be able to participate in this exciting journey with me."



Born an old black man in 1911, Anthony Sbona, aka ill Cosby was gifted onto Earth in front of a crowd, rocking side to side with knuckles white, impatiently awaiting the bass that will transform the static. A visionary, with his sights sets solely on mastering a practice he calls “RoundHouse Music”. Since the beginning, Ant has been composing live sets consisting of electro, dirty dutch, and all realms of progressive. Each experience possessing dance floor chipping capabilities while at the same time vaporous purple love pours from the booth thickening the vibrating air creating, preserving and enriching the culture.

With great hunger, "ill" relentlessly produces iron in Ableton, searching for something; that something is “the beef”. Humorous by creation, Ant has dubbed “the beef” as a moment. The beef is what Anthony lives for, it is what replaces the static, it’s the faces of thousands lost in time, merging into one state of existence, timeless and epic. Co-founder and a diamond in the ritualistic bedrock of Fakelife, Ant is family to many and a master of ceremonies to the masses. From slow stomping bass gives birth to the trebles, alchemizing sound into light of the ritual. Make your way to the booth, shake his hand, look him in the smile, and pay your respects to the alchemy of RoundHouse music. ILL Cosby created and will guide you through the sonic environment, flowing… the moment, flowing… into the feeling, and was selflessly crafted for you and for those who choose to become and take part in “the beef”. (KS Fakelife, 2012)


One thing is certain; Deph was born to make music. It started with pieces from a used drum kit in 1993. An electric guitar soon followed. Then there were keyboards, drum pads and bass. Recognizing Deph’s raw talent, a local musician introduced him to an early version of Logic and while the raw feel of drums and guitar still resonated with him, Deph found himself drawn more and more to creating music through electronics. At 12, Deph dove headfirst into the underground hardcore scene. If there was a show happening in CT, he wanted to be there. But he didn’t stop with hardcore. The thriving cross promotion in the underground exposed young Deph to a variety of styles including punk, ska…and Rave. The minute Deph entered his first rave, he fell in love. The lasers, the dancers, the bass; all of them driven by the DJ behind the decks. And at that very moment Deph knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to make people dance. Years passed as he acquired equipment and records. When he attended events, his eyes were locked on the DJs, observing and absorbing their techniques. He practiced relentlessly, accepting nothing less of himself than smooth technicality with every mix. The hard work paid off, and Deph’s goal, to mix so tightly that the mixes themselves went completely unnoticed, was realized. These days, Deph is definitely creating a buzz in the underground. His mixing style of near technical perfection and his consistently fresh track selection deliver dance floor destruction wherever he drops his signature blend of music and math, each time elevating his art to a science. His original production offers nothing less. When Deph is slated at any gathering be sure not to miss this Techno-Technician.


Born and raised on the East Coast, Sample fell in love with all types of electronic music at a young age. Growing up so close to NYC he became heavily involved in hip-hop until he moved out west and fully discovered Drum and Bass. Eight years later he is back in the East and bringing you the music that runs the dance floor. Recently he has been booked and worked with such legends as Dank and Figure as well as local DnB superstars such as Mizyesis, Tom B. Ill, Elzworth, and many other favorites such as Sneaker and the Dryer, Knowledge, Highlife, Cptn. Krook, Joey Fedz, Mike Skillz and many more. From early evening bass sessions to late night jungle and dungeon set C-Sample will blend together the best of bass music for your enjoyment.

Dj DaySix will be bringing the hard hitting dark and dank dubstep sound that has pioneered the modern bass scene. Always a student of the game, DaySix began his musical career after frequenting one too many boring frat parties. Tired of the average college hip hop night, DaySix ventured into the deep realm of sub bass, and has returned with the knowledge of a true bass mastermind. When he is not performing his signature raw dirty dubstep sound, like a true scholar, he is hard at work in studio perfecting his bass craft and churning out original bangers and rapfire remixes of todays biggest names in EDM, under his 8347605219(BEATGOSZIP) moniker! DaySix’s true passion is seeing his fans slam out to his tunes and the connection he feels with them as they respond to his vibes as he tears it up dark, heavy and loud -all over New England! DaySix is here to stay, will he allow you to make it to the Sabbath?



Evan Lentz a.k.a. Omling has become the roots for what we will soon know as the tree of life in modern electronic music culture. Perfectly planned sets tease the audience, melding into organic psybient dance, emphasizing atmosphere and engulfing the listener in beautiful thought provoking frequencies. Fakelife DJ and family too many, he specializes and themes his works to individuals, circumstance, and spirituality; every time telling an emotion conjuring story. His dark progressive stylings bring the user down evoking mystery and fear, before catapulting them back through the earth into heavenly moments of sonic love-awareness. For these moments Evan has become a symbol of progression and evolution, impacting his audience, leaving them vibrating with love. The story teller behind the tables radiates love and divinity while maintaining a hard driving depth that you can feel behind closed eyelids, a balance and art that requires time and proper analysis of all aspects of the experience. A product of Therapy in Providence, R.I. and a key component of what is a symbiosis between the evolution of the electronic music scene and the appreciation of life alongside those you share life with, Fakelife. During this mind bending journey through sound, three words are to be remembered “We Are One”.


DJMiahLove has many musical faces. His start in 1998 was rampped up with speed and power as he pounded dance floors across the nation with Happy Hardcore and Energycore mixed with nasty sets of UK Nu NRG, Trance and Hard House.

With his start in 2000 as a professional club DJ in the southwest, his passion for a wide range house music styles grew. He is now known for dropping incredible Jazzy, Deep, Funky, Disco, Electro, Circuit, Tribal, Progressive and most recently Tech House sets on his floors today.

You can never tell what this bass beat and rhythm junky has in store but you can count on the floor igniting with bodies moving and feet stomping.




<-*-> CUSTOM DECO provided by Hole Tribe, RI <-*->

<-*-> VISUALS and LASER LIGHT SHOW by Silent Stream <-*->









BODY PAINTING, Masks and Dream Catchers!!

Carrying a vast selection of amazing crystals, minerals, jewlery and visionary art.


<-*-> ASTROLOGICAL TOTEM graphics done by <-*->
Chelsea Noelani, Independent Artist
Chuck Bruneau, Independent Aritst
Casey Roche, Digital Bridge Media

Creating the photographs for the night!



For more information, or to get involved in this or our future astrological totem events, please contact us at or

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