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The DarkroomNew Haven, CT, United States

FakeLife presents The Astrological Totem .:. PISCES .:.

Saturday, February 23, 2013, 8:00 PM to Sunday, February 24, 2013, 1:00 AM
The Darkroom, 433 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06511
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Advanced $25.00 $3.25

Your admission into Pisces, and the afterparty at Afterlife (New Haven) going until 6 AM!

$35.00 $3.75
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.:. .:. .:. PISCES .:. .:. .:.

FakeLife presents .:. THE ASTROLOGICAL TOTEM .:.

A SERIES OF EVENTS to showcase all forms of artistic expression which will take place during the last weekend of each month in 2013

This is the time in which we celebrate the gracious complexity of the human race. We are one organism, creating the most powerful force imaginable, the frequency of love. The complimenting characteristics defined by an ancestral fusion of genetic code along with nurture, make up the beautiful energy being, that is you. The ability to experience is a gift from the heavens and will be emphasized and celebrated through the honey of the soul.

Our intention is to give you a glimpse into the perspective that is FakeLife. We give you an experience to allow your uniqueness to shine, a festival of astrological proportions. Each month in 2013 we will allow your astrological sign to radiate its essence, recognizing the connection between yourself and the forces that work to keep you on route to experience love and light with those closest to you.

We will provide artists a breathtaking forum for producing the most enlightening and inspiring music to meld perfectly with each sign. Prepare to become part of a “You” inspired event. Welcome to the Family, let us grow and evolve the experience together. We are one.

Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Stone: Coral & Jade
Color: Sea Green
Life Pursuit: To be connected to others
Secret Desire: To turn their fantasies into reality
Vibration: Erratic

The time to awaken has come...

Pisces. Elegant shape shifter, full of angelic grace you transform into stars. Two fish, connected by the tail, framed by Aquarius and Aries sketch the story in the blue night sky. More ancient than any of the

The dream realm, you realize now has encompassed you in an inter-dimensional ocean, an ebb and flow of consciousness swishing while all of your intuition leads you to believe that time has seized to be.

This place, this sea of emotion has led you to a familiar underlying feeling. You have been here before, an infinite number of times, you have seen the whimsical swirl of a galaxy pulsating, fading from gentle elliptical bass, the guitar meshing sound... into the reverb laden dubby depths. Dancing deeper you notice glimmering embellishments of information each scale layered upon the next in such sacred unison. You have arrived to your connection with the universe. You have arrived to the second experience in the totem.

The great constellation of Pisces holds all of the secrets that allow you a cloak of many colors. Inside of each Piscean is spirit energy from the entire zodiac. In a powerful state of flux, the chameleons of the zodiac show the purity within, throughout every being. Altruistic and saint like, emphasizing relation to those that need only that; a beautiful Piscean, radiating harmonic soft green love.

There will be dancing, and singing. In this space we will follow the feelings of the Piscean way. Tactile feelings, through ancient art forms and techniques of energy healing bring us to a new understanding of what it is to be human. The touch through energy, roaring waves of magical tones emitted from the minds of genius musical imaginaries guiding you into full sonic love awareness. Go with the flow and follow the mesmerizing cyclone of shimmering wavelengths and frequencies that know happiness. This teaching is fundamental to achieving unity through the Piscean methodology. We will move in unison from spirit and mind to body.

Feel the tribal vibration commence, The sacred spirit’s Om,
The last chance to dance trance, Again the dancing feels like home.
Unified souls form schooling fish, From deep empathy and love,
Romancing the trance, alchemic dance, the spirit swims above,
Sign of peace, transcending seized, the angelic swimming dove,
As above, so below, feel us, the fallen angels love.

The time to awaken has come.



Age Requirement: 18+, IDs will be checked at the door
$25 advanced / at the door




<3 D.V.S* <3
Brooklyn, NY

MERGING BEAUTY WITH BASS: It isn’t easy to corner guitarist/ producer D.V.S* into a particular genre. His monster amp blasts ignite dance riots, while his sensual melodies aim straight for your heart. In the process of refining his two sided sound, his originals and remixes have been steadily forming packed dance floors since 2009. D.V.S* (aka Derek VanScoten) released “Coming Up For Air,” a 30 song double album in late 2011. Vol. 1 “Dusk” portayed his late night bass driven music, while Vol. 2 “dawn” was filled with downtempo and reflective pieces. As a prolific electronic producer, D.V.S* has released music on Daly City Records, Soulection, 1320 Records, Dublab Radio, Pretty Lights Music, Electronic Musician Magazine, Gravitas Recordings, and his own label, Octave Memory Tapes. As a seasoned performer, VanScoten has spent considerable time on the road with electronic acts like Tycho, Random Rab, Ott, Bluetech, Tipper, Govinda, FreQnasty, Lotus, MartyParty, Emancipator, Ana Sia, Beats Antique, Big Gigantic, and EOTO. No stranger to the live band scene, he has also performed as a respected multi-instrumentalist with talents as diverse as Devotchka, The Motet, DJ Logic, and the Boulder Philharmonic. D.V.S* finds his signature sound via Ableton Live, the Keith McMillen Softstep, and 14 different guitars. On the road he plays a custom telecaster designed from scratch.

<3 Psymbionic <3
Austin, TX
Muti Music x Gravitas x MalLabel

As a part of the upcoming generation of electronic music producers, Psymbionic creates aural experiences that demonstrate the possibility for multi-tempo Bass Music and culture to exist within a range of more divergent influences. Passion and innovation drives this young producer, facilitating his forthcoming and past releases on labels such as Muti Music, MalLabel, and Gravitas Recordings, just to name a few. With this latest project, John Burcham has been moving bodies and turning heads for several years, playing with acts such as Bassnectar, STS9, Beats Antique, ill.Gates, Excision, EOTO, and Tipper. In a live show context, Psymbionic confronts mixes that are limited to the scope of the build and release, avoiding an industry epidemic of drop-monotony that overpowers the flow of music. Burcham seeks to prove that there are more powerful influences in moving a crowd than simple tension, providing an interwoven dynamic that relies on the strength of his blend, rather than the sole force or familiarity of the apex. Psymbionic's theory of music is a journey that doesn't visit the same place twice, building excitement for what's next not because you can anticipate it, but because you've never been there before.

<3 Cosmal <3
New York, NY

Cosmal is a one man LIVE music performance involving the layering and looping of several different instruments, progressive build ups, and a dynamic light show. Layering sounds to create the energy of a full band, improvising and swaying between genres, Cosmal takes you on a mystical journey through space and time, and oh yea, music! Performances always feature Live Painter Ali Laz. Conscious Minded music for Conscious Minded people----ranging from World and Trance to Fusion and Rock. This is a completely live act people, not a DJ set! Good Vibes required, Shirts and Shoes optional! Since late 2010, Cosmal has performed at over 35 music festivals including Rock N Roll Resort, Heads in Harmony, Freedom of Expression, Bonnaroo, Forest Fest and more, having shared bills with Shpongle, Ott, Papadosio, Zach Deputy, Dopapod, Lettuce, and many more. Cosmal has opened for acts like Big Gigantic and Conspirator, as well as having performed with visionary artist Alex Grey. Cosmal was featured in Relix Magazine and Sampler CD January/February 2012!

<3 ConnetICON<3
New Haven, CT

An evening with ConnetICON acts as an intense journey that can be characterized by deep grooves and scintillating bass lines. Each set patiently and flawlessly weaves in and out of melodies, producing an ethereal, euphoric feel, either on the dance floor or in your headphones. Since the onset of his DJing career in late 2010, ConnetICON has quickly established himself, supporting major act's such as Tiger and Woods, Break Science, Cinnamon Chasers, Orchard Lounge, Edit Murphy, Abakus, Goldroom, Emancipator, and Little People. In the summer of 2012, ConnetICON further established himself as an integral member of the contemporary music scene, with his name featured on bills including, but not limited to, Camp Bisco XI, Gathering of the Vibes, Tipper Sound Experience, and Heads in Harmony II Festival, as well as various venue and club bookings. A DJ set acting as a canvas, For a CONstructed soundscape.

♥ Omling ♥
(Fakelife) Middletown, CT

Evan Lentz a.k.a. Omling has become the roots for what we will soon know as the tree of life in modern electronic music culture. Perfectly planned sets tease the audience, melding into organic psybient dance, emphasizing atmosphere and engulfing the listener in beautiful thought provoking frequencies. Fakelife DJ and family too many, he specializes and themes his works to individuals, circumstance, and spirituality; every time telling an emotion conjuring story. His dark progressive stylings bring the user down evoking mystery and fear, before catapulting them back through the earth into heavenly moments of sonic love-awareness. For these moments Evan has become a symbol of progression and evolution, impacting his audience, leaving them vibrating with love. The story teller behind the tables radiates love and divinity while maintaining a hard driving depth that you can feel behind closed eyelids, a balance and art that requires time and proper analysis of all aspects of the experience. A product of Therapy in Providence, R.I. and a key component of what is a symbiosis between the evolution of the electronic music scene and the appreciation of life alongside those you share life with, Fakelife. During this mind bending journey through sound, three words are to be remembered “We Are One”.



<-*-> CUSTOM DECO provided by Hole Tribe, RI <-*->

<-*-> VISUALS and LASER LIGHT SHOW by Silent Stream <-*->

<-*-> LIVE PAINTING BY Erika Arneson <-*->
Interpretation of sound - to be done during Omling's set

<-*-> All ASTROLOGICAL TOTEM graphics done by <-*->
Chelsea Noelani, Independent Artist
and Kevin Adorno, Bevy Promotions & Media


Providing the photographs for the night!


For more information, or to get involved in this or our future astrological totem events, please contact us at or

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